Waterfront Master Plan

UPDATE 11/21/2022:
At the Astoria City Council meeting on November 18th, a draft of Walker Macy's plan for code amendments was presented to the city council. The Port and the City will continue to work cooperatively to move these code amendments forward, and hope for adoptions sometime in early 2023.

UPDATE 5/3/2022:
The final draft of the Astoria Waterfront Master Plan was presented to the Astoria City Council's Development Commission for adoption on May 2, 2022. The City Council unanimously approved the plan. This was the final step in the process after the Port of Astoria adopted the plan in early April. The City of Astoria has contracted with consultant firm Walker Macy to focus on horizontal development, including changes to zoning and public infrastructure. Regular updates will be made to the public as progress is made to implement the plan's vision.

The Port of Astoria Waterfront Master Plan is a joint effort by the Port and the City of Astoria to develop a swath of underutilized waterfront on Port property, between Pier 1 and the Astoria-Megler Bridge (see attached map). The goals of the Waterfront Master Plan include:

  • Creation of a Vision for the Port's Industrial Waterfront that promotes vibrant mixed-use development, leveraging strategic public investments and policy initiatives that set the stage for substantial new private development.
  • A Vision that is long-term in focus, but which is capable of adapting to changing economic circumstances over time.
  • A Vision that contributes to the economic prosperity of Astoria.
  • A Master Plan that contributes to the financial stability of the Port and the City.
  • A Master Plan that reinforces Astoria's historic role as the economic hub of the North Coast. 

From the Port Commission Meeting - April 5, 2022

From Waterfront Master Plan Public Meeting - December 14, 2021

From Waterfront Master Plan Public Meeting - November 3, 2021

 From Waterfront Master Plan PAC 1 Meeting - September 15, 2021